a. 學生需要預付租車費和一堂課收費用於之後的路試;一般需在第一次學車時交給師傅

b. 每次學車一般上兩節,連續上90分鐘。收費方式不同師傅有所不同,有些按堂收費,有些一次性收取10堂的費用,有些師傅會一次性收取更多堂課的費用。

c. 學生在上堂前需要先問清師傅的收費方式,確認同意後再開始學車,以免日後產生糾紛



Lesson Content: Hill start, U-turn, Reverse/Parallel parking (Part-B), Road test (Part-C)

Students have the options to choose to learn from private instructors or traditional driving schools. Hong Kong students have the tendency to choose private instructors over traditional driving schools, because private instructors can provide much higher flexibility as students can arrange driving classes according to their vacancies and lesson prices are negotiable. Driving classes can by far provide higher quality teachings, since instructors can adjust learning plans tailored for each students to target their weaknesses.

Charging Rundown:

a. Students must pay his/her instructor the car rental fee and the cost of one lesson upfront in their first arranged driving lesson as the road test charges. (Trial lessons are exceptions.)

b. The duration of each lesson is 45 minutes long. It is recommended to combine 2 lessons together for a 90 minutes session. Some instructors offer the options to charge per lesson, whilst some only off packages (e.g. 10 lessons packages).

c. Students should clarify the charging method with his/her instructors before the driving lesson starts to avoid dispute, as there are no standardised charging guidelines for instructors or students to follow.

According to the data from Transport Department, beginners on an average requires a minimum 30 hours worth of driving experience to acquire the basic techniques of driving.

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