Basic Requirements: Please make sure you fulfill the basic application pre-requisite that you are at least 18 years old and are physically fit to drive (please refer to “First schedule to the Road Traffic (Driving Licenses) Regulations – excepted diseases and physical disabilities” in the “Application for a Driving Test (Private Car, Light Goods Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Motor Tricycle)” form – TD82). If you have any physical disabilities, you may have to attend the driving ability assessment(s) before applying for a driving test.

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Required Documents

Proof of identity ── Hong Kong citizens: Hong Kong Identity Card (Photocopy) ; Non-Hong Kong citizens: a valid travel document (Original and Photocopy).

Proof of Address ── you must provide the original or a copy of your proof of address issued within the last three months (e.g. Bills or invoices issued by utility companyies(water, electricity, towngas, or domestic piped liquefied petroleum gas(LPG) suppliers))

Payment exemption for disabled person : Holder of a certificate signed by or on behalf of the Director of Health or the Hospital Authority stating that such person is suffering from a permanent disease or physical disability that causes him considerable difficulty in walking. Any person who falls in the definition mentioned above may claim to be subjected to a test specified by the Commissioner as to his fitness of ability to drive a motor vehicle, in order to confirm whether the applicant shall drive only a motor vehicle of a particular construction or design. The applicant may apply for exemption from payment of i.) the fee for learner's driving license ii.) the fee for driving test iii.) the fee for probationary driving license and/or full driving license iv.) the annual license fee for a private car, a motorcycle or motor-tricycle of which the disabled person is the registered owner. (Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Fund Levy is not exempted.)

Application procedure: Before you submit your application, you must obtain the "Application for a Driving Test" (form no. TD 82) ). After you have completed the application form, please submit it with the fee for driving test ( $510 ) to the above licensing offices. You will be given an appointment letter. You can then sit for your driving test according to the date and venue printed on the appointment letter. You may apply for driving tests in conjunction with your application for learner’s driving licenses, if necessary, and submit your application of learner's driving license (form no. TD 555) together with your application for a driving test.

Learner's Driving License:Complete the application form (form no. TD555.) Please submit with the fee of ($548) to any Transport Department's licensing office. You can choose to submit the application form together with your application for the driving test or separately. Caution: Learner's driving license is strictly required by law for on the road training with instructors. (The Learner's driving license is valid for a period of 12 months from the issue date.) Within this period, you will be eligible for any on the road training in any authorised vehicles under the supervision with a qualified instructor.

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